ChiTown Consulting Inc.


LAN / WAN / WLAN, we have done it all, Our experience ranges from small wireless residential network setups so that everyone on the household can get on the Internet, to small business networks with 10 PCs and a server all the way up to large corporate networks that span the Internet with multiple offices and remote and mobile workers


Do not allow your self to be limited to your office and home to do work. Access your files and folders and connect to your co-workers and partners from where ever you wish securely through your very own Private Virtual Network . We are there to help you setup your VPN that will make your life easy and your work smooth and productive.

Server Room

We at ChiTown Consulting realize the importance and the true purpose of the server room.While setting up a server room we ensure that the room is safe, spacious and computer friendly so the IT team are comfortable and have easy access to the hardware and cables while they are troubleshooting or performing routine maintenance.


We lay great stress on proper racks installation to avoid ending up a with a spaghetti like mess of cables that make it hard to locate the end point of the cables and physical access of equipment difficult. Bad rack installation results in outages through accidental tugging of cables and knocking out power.


We are adapt at configuring server based on both Windows and Linux operating system.We configure File Server, Proxy Server, Firewall Server, Cache server, Backup Server, Web Server, Mail Server or DNS Server keeping in mind the need and requirements of the clients along with the security of the network.


Routers play a major role in any network,it is therefore very important to configure it the routers correctly. We at ChiTown Consulting have experience of working with Cisco, Netgear and Linksys routers. We take care to follow the instructions of manufacturer and we adhere to the best practices to get the best possible result.


Managed switches whether Smart (or intelligent) or Enterprise Managed (or fully managed), we are fully capable of configuring them to match requirements of the network. We focus on synchronizing the switches with other devices the network and modify their operation in order for to facilitate smooth functioning of the work.


It is our business to keep our client's network secure.We protect your network from all kind of viruses,worms,theft and other threats that are a source of constant nuisance and danger. We provide the right Anti-virus and anti-spyware and configure firewall to block unauthorized access to your network.


Choosing the right software saves lot of dollars over a period of time.We keep ourselves abreast with the latest as well as do through research and keep in mind the need of the client while recommending a solution.We do not make clients purchase of multiple software and expensive licenses but only those which serves their need best.


We assist our clients to purchase the right hardware at a competitive price.We recommend brands and products that are reliable and will serve the need of our clients best. While recommending we keep in mind the budget and requirement of our client.We do not suggest products just because they maybe popular or most expensive.


The end users of computers and other IT devices and related software are often not very well versed with do's and don'ts associated with them .In order to achieve the optimum product performance and boot the confidence of the person working with them we provide product training both to individuals and corporate.


Our Annual maintenance contract are suitable for those who do not wish to invest in maintaining a separate IT department to resolve their IT related problems and issues.We have varied plans to cater to the needs of different types of client irrespective whether they are individuals or companies.