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1.What is VoIP?

VoIP services works in a very similar way to the regular telephone service that you are using today. When you sign-up with VoIP service provider they allocate a phone number which you use to make and receive telephone calls, just like a regular phone service.

2.How Does VoIP Work?

VoIP servicer provider connects directly to your broadband internet connection. You simply plug a Voice Box into your broadband modem-router and then plug your telephone handset into the Voice Box. Say goodbye to your old phone company and start calling the new way – over the internet. In most cases now a days your computer doesn't need to be switched on to make a call. So long as your broadband connection is operating, you will be able to call .

3.You Can Call Anywhere with VoIP Phones?

That depends on kind of service you choose.Some VoIP services are only for calling between broadband connected computers but others allow you to make calls from the internet to the regular phone networks, so you can call people on their mobiles, or at home on a standard phone line.

4.You can only call other VoIP users when using VoIP:

Depending upon the kind of plan you opt for from the VoIP service provider.This is only true for peer-to-peer type services. However there are more than a peer-to-peer type plan that gives you the option to make and receive phone calls to practically any number worldwide. This includes landlines, mobiles, international numbers and selected special service numbers.

5.How is the call quality of VoIP?

Call quality depends on a number of factors such as which VoIP provider you choose, type of broadband service and speed of your broadband.Some VoIP providers have networks that are based overseas. The extensive R&D in field of VoIP has allowed it to provide the kind of service that is far superior to regular telephone service.

6.Do You need to have your PC or laptop on to make and receive calls?

Many VoIP services work when you connect a microphone or handset to your computer others have a softphone that connect their regular home telephone handset. That means, when making a call, your computer doesn't need to be switched on. You just need an active broadband connection.

7.Can you call emergency services using VoIP?

Most VoIP providers now a days offers full emergency services to all 2 way telephone numbers. So, as long as your broadband is active and power is available you call emergency services.

8.Can you keep your existing telephone number when using VoIP?

You can connect the Voice Box to your existing phone line, as well as your internet connection. That means you can have two telephone numbers connected to the one telephone handset.When you pick up the telephone to make a call it will go out through the VoIP service provider's network. Incoming calls to your existing telephone number and service provider's telephone number will both ring on the same telephone handset.

9.Is VoIP only for the tech-savvy?

VoIP is for anyone who wants to save money on their phone bills.