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Making phone calls affordable!Voice over Internet Protocol reduces your phone bill upto 70%.

One of the greatest attraction of internet technology is the advent of telephone calling facility using broadband free of cost or at a very low cost.The freedom of making international calls without bothering about charges have liberated people around the world from the problems previously faced by them to remain in touch with their friends and families as well as their business partners and associates around the world.

VoIP technology allows the user to make international calls at unbelievable extremely low rates by opting for either the residential or business call plans under which the user have many options to choose from according to their need.

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We At ChiTown Consulting help you set up your VoIP system so your business can experience the advantages the voice over IP technology and save cost.We analyze your needs in depth and accordingly suggest to you the most robust and versatile solution that will not only cater to your requirement but also give you value for money. Whether it is VOIP Phones,VoIP Headsets, VoIP System, VoIP hosted PBX,VoIP Networking Devices and Accessories we are there to help you purchase the right one.

Please note that we only recommend products trusted brand like CISCO,3COM,Aastra,Atcom and others which we know will give you excellent service and will be easy to use and update.